Founder's Vision Statement

“I want us Africans to be able not only to catch our own fish, but, more importantly, to figure out what to do should the river dry up, and, even better still, how to keep the river from drying up.”

… Agwu Ukiwe Okali Read Profile

Our Goal

"To foster a culture of ideas within African societies and, in so doing, end Africa's ideas-dependency, while reclaiming its intellectual dignity"


Africa and the World of Ideas

Of all the negative notions and misapprehensions entertained by the outside world about Africa and Africans, none actually is more damaging than that which portrays African societies as essentially bereft of ideas of any significance and sees them as basically consumers rather than producers of the commodity, so to speak, with little, if anything, to contribute to the global stock. In other words, and put rather bluntly, when it comes to ideas, Africa barely counts.

Board Of Trustees​




Attorney- At-Law, Former United Nations Assistant Secretary-General /Registrar, United Nations Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.


Ladipo AYOdeji Banjo


Emeritus Professor of English language, Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ibadan and Pro-Chancellor of Ajayi Crowther University


David Uke Ukiwe Okali


​Emeritus Professor of Forest Ecology, University of Ibadan, Past President, Nigerian Academy of Science and Fellow The World Academy of Sciences


Georgina Njideka ODAIBO


Professor of Virology and Specialist Adviser, University College Hospital, Ibadan, University of Ibadan

The Book

The book OF BLACK SERVITUDE WITHOUT SLAVERY: The Unspoken Politics Of The English Language,

authored by our Founder, Dr. Agwu Ukiwe Okali, first proposed the establishment of an organization such as SERIAL, laying out the rationale for it and what its main objectives should be. As such, the book becomes the de facto “Manifesto” of the movement represented by SERIAL and is thus essential reading for anyone interested in, or appreciative of, what the organization is striving to achieve.

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