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OSIFA is an organization devoted to the cause of promoting and facilitating a more effective participation of Africa(ns) in the world of ideas, and in the process countering the continent’s undeserved marginalization in this realm. The fact of the matter is that Africans demonstrably hold their own in comparison with people from other regions of the world in all and any tasks. Yet, the fact of the matter also is that, despite this, Africans too often get no corresponding “respect” for their intellectual competence and abilities. The reason? The persistence of certain negative myths about the continent, coupled, perhaps, with neglect on our part to proactively cultivate and stamp our mark on the world of ideas. We at OSIFA have no doubt that both the resources and the capacity to achieve this objective do exist, and have always existed, within African societies; they have just needed to be mobilized and properly channeled towards the purpose. This is what OSIFA aims to do – with your support.


Africa Seminal Ideas Series Volume 1

2qAn indisputable reality of modern life is the growing dominance of English as the language of communication across cultures. With the acquisition of English, people acquire, not just the words and expressions....
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Africa and the World of Ideas


Of all the negative notions and misapprehensions entertained by the outside world about Africa and Africans, none actually is more damaging than that which portrays African societies as essentially bereft of ideas of any significance...
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OSIFA ‘Naijiria’ Campaign .


Simply by changing the way  our country's name  is spelled (i.e written ) from 'Nigeria' to 'Naijiria' , we  are able to both Africanize the name, thereby liberating it psychologically from its colonial antecedent.....

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Africa Seminal Ideas Forum


Join the conversation to participate in the debate on issues affecting the place of the black person (Africans at home and in the Diaspora) in the present world order, and in discussions on measures to enhance our collective contribution to the world of ideas.

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