Ibadan Brainstorming Session


As part of its policy of constant self-evaluation and self-improvement, The Okali Seminal Ideas Foundation for Africa (OSIFA) convened a brain storming session in Ibadan on 16 September, 2016 to review its activities and garner advice and suggestions about its work from a group of senior well-wishers and supporters. In attendance at the session were:

  1. Prof. Emeritus David Okali   – Chairman of the Session, OSIFA Trustee
  2. Dr. Agwu U. Okali                  – Founder-Chairman, OSIFA
  3. Prof. Augusta Omamor        – Professor of Linguistics, OSIFA Trustee
  4. Prof. Emeritus L.A. Banjo     – Emeritus Professor of English and Former V.C, U.I
  5. Prof. Bolanle Awe                  – Professor of History
  6. Prof. D.T. Okpako                   – Professor of Pharmacology
  7. Mr. Olatunde Obasola          – CEO, Crux of Africa Ltd
  8. Barr. (Mrs.) Ifeoma Okali     – OSIFA Team
  9. Mr. Geoffrey Harumi            – OSIFA Team                                              

The session began with opening remarks and words of welcome by the Chairman, Prof. David Okali, followed by an overview of OSIFA’s recent and planned future activities by the Eounder-Chairman, Dr. Agwu Okali. There then followed a period of free-ranging, in-depth and substantive discussion within the group on all aspects of OSIFA’s work, with particular emphasis on its future scope and direction.

 Among the key recommendations that emerged from the session were the need for OSIFA to: establish strong linkages with, and mobilize, the African Diaspora, including especially the African-American community; link-up and collaborate with other organizations and institutions here in Africa – such as The Historical Society of Nigeria – that are engaged in preserving and promoting the African historical and cultural heritage, including traditional medicine, as the foundation for fostering the kind of original, seminal and   independent thinking that OSIFA advocates for Africans; develop programmes to attract and engage the youth in the OSIFA mission, including an annual or biennial exhibition/competitive Forum for innovative African ideas targeting youth of various age categories; and develop fund-raising strategies oriented largely towards African sources so as to retain a high level of programme independence.

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