Specific Objectives/Activities

  • To document, publish and disseminate, in a multimedia platform, significant ideas emanating from Africa and Africans, principally through a Book Series to be titled AFRICA SEMINAL IDEAS SERIES©
  • To source for financial resources from within and outside Africa to sponsor Africans who have shown a potential for significant original ideas to pursue such ideas to full elaboration, and to assist them as necessary to avail themselves of intellectual property protection (patents,copyrights, etc.)
  • To devise and implement incentive programmes to encourage young Africans, even at the pre-school stage, to appreciate, value and enjoy the beauty of ideas.
  • To raise and publicize significant issues of general concern to Africans and people of African descent, such as the issue of reparation for historical wrongs committed against them, inter alia, by hosting an online discussion platform to be titled AFRICA SEMINAL IDEAS FORUM©
  • To formulate and articulate reasoned positions on global issues, such as climate change and international trade,from an African vantage point, thereby providing valuable assistance to African governmental delegations in international forums.
  • To promote understanding of the African cultural heritage and value system, including through exchange visits for Africans and people of African descent across continents.

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